Father’s Day and Gifts

Like moms on Mother’s Day, come Father’s Day, most dads don’t seek, yearn or expect gifts.

Father’s Day gives us time to reflect on the relationships we have with our dads, children and grandchildren.  Also, like many other holidays, it sets aside a specific day to spend time with those you love.  That’s my favorite part of Father’s Day.

In our immediate and extended family we are big golf fans.  We have a tradition that involves outdoor grilling, catching up with one another and then coming inside to watch the final round of the US Open on television together as a family.  The US Open traditionally ends on Father’s Day Sunday.  Many times there are heartwarming moments where the winning golfer has their kids or dad run onto the final green for a warm embrace after they sink the winning putt.  Decorated golfer Graeme McDowell shared this special moment with his dad Ken at Pebble Beach in 2010.


However, the reality of the situation is that Father’s Day gifts (big and small) will be purchased for dads as a sign of appreciation, dedication and respect.  This can be stressful for those buying gifts as many guys out there have “everything”.

Here are some ideas for dads in your life:


– Food and Drink

Dads love to eat.  Dads love to drink.  Food and drink gifts are simple, safe bet ideas, that are sure to make most dads happy.  In Northeast Ohio, we are lucky to have plenty of options to choose from in this genre.

Try buying some craft beer at Warehouse Beverage in South Euclid, Rozi’s Wine House in Lakewood, or at one of the Lizardville locations on the east or westside of Cleveland.  Local grocery stores like Giant Eagle Market District, Heinen’s and Whole Foods also have outstanding selections.  Has your dad shown interest in brewing his own beer?  Check out learning to brew/beginner kits at The Cleveland Brew Shop.  Is your dad more of a fan of spirits?  How about supporting the newly opened, locally owned and operated, Portside Distillery.  Portside specializes in artisan rums.

Fancy drinks require proper glassware.  There are many more choices when it comes to glassware than in the past.  Monogrammed whisky or bourbon glasses are always a pleasant way to show your dad that he’s the king of the castle.  Craft beer glassware styles also have their own style categories.  IPAs belong in one glass, stouts in another and pilsners require glasses shaped in an hourglass form.  Local breweries and brew stores have many types of glasses, but many department stores carry sets like this one from Libbey which gives you an array of glass options packaged together in a set.



A nice low cost idea is to make dad dinner for Father’s Day.  Whether it be steak, nachos or brownies, it’s easy to show dad you love him by recognizing his favorite dish and recreating it with him helping or while he relaxes on the couch.


– Fashion and Gadgets

One area that can get away from dads is fashion.  Our priorities change when we get older and fashion trends and styles can take a backseat to tasks like who needs to be driven to soccer practice or who needs help with a science project.

Throwback, vintage t-shirts that commemorate special events or people in sports or culture never go out of style.  Locally, there are many options.  Check out GV Art and Design in Lakewood, CLE Clothing Company downtown or Fresh Brewed Tees.  Regionally, Homage in Columbus has many national, thrift store inspired shirts that tell a story.  For more humorous t-shirt options, check out the website bustedtees.com.

For example, here’s a shirt that every OSU Buckeye Football fan can appreciate. The shirt celebrates their deep disdain for their bitter rivals up north.  The OSU/Michigan rivalry is arguably considered the top rivalry in all of sports.  The quote comes from a memorable game when legendary coach, Woody Hayes was asked why he went for a two-point conversation while winning by a blowout margin late in the game. For more backstory on this t-shirt and other items, visit the Homage website.



Father’s Day also so happens to fall right in time for summer fun.  A functional, yet fashionable accessory perfect for the summer months are sunglasses.  Sunglasses are great to shade and protect your eyes while driving, playing sports or lounging around.  For cheap options, check out a standard plastic pair of wayfarers.  Wayfarers sunglasses were in style when Tom Cruise danced in his underwear in the movie Risky Business in 1983 and they were seen on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in early 2014.  They are timeless.  For more high-performance sunglasses, search for polarized lenses and frame styles from brands like Native, Oakley and Costa.

Watches and fitness trackers provide an area of customization that didn’t exist several years ago.  Whether it be tracking your sleep, measuring the yards left to the pin on the golf course, logging the distance of your runs, or trying to lose weight, there’s a watch, bracelet (and app) for that.  Garmin and Nike seem to have the biggest selection of these types of gadgets and their websites would be a good place to start browsing.  For fashionable watches that balance fashion and function, look for Casio G-Shock or Timex Weekender styles on Amazon.


– Experience Gifts

When we are old and on our death bed, we won’t recall the things we have in our garage, we’ll recall the memories that made us happy, the people we’ve loved and the places we’ve been.

Think of where your dad likes to be most and join him at this place.  Join your dad in doing his favorite activity.  Organize a gathering with his favorite people.  Schedule a weekend trip with him visiting relatives in his hometown.  Regardless of cost, experience gifts are many times the most special and memorable.

What gift or experience ideas do you have for Father’s Day? Have you purchased or created a gift yet?  What are your favorite Father’s Day traditions and memories?



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